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For the last decade, we at IDMI.Net have watched the world of web design go through seismic shifts. As web design standards have changed, so have the standards of customers. Online consumers now have a much higher standard of work, expecting a range of social applications, media and high-quality content on the websites that they visit. Most of all, they demand personal service, and a company that listens to their needs and delivers on them.


Web Design

IDMI.Net breaks the mold with web design. Rather than using generic web templates and designs, we craft unique websites that showcase the identity of your business. While the ultimate goal of any website is to convert clicks into sales, our experts understand that the best way of accomplishing this is to create websites that communicate with your customers, rather than simply trying to sell to them.

With 16 years of web design experience and counting, our team has developed a thorough understanding of what makes websites work. Contact us today to discuss how we can revolutionize your business's online presence with our website design services.

Responsive Design

Today, there are an estimated 2.5 billion mobile phone users across the globe, with a constantly growing percentage using those devices to browse the web. Experts speculate that within a few years, mobile searches will surpass standard web searches. Unfortunately, most websites were not originally designed with mobile users in mind. Simply put - if you don't have a mobile website in today's web climate, you are behind the curve.

Without a mobile website, your standard website will look distorted to users accessing your site on a smartphone or tablet. Our team takes the design used for your website and upgrades it to be compatible with mobile technology. The result is a more user-friendly, eye-appealing and organized design for mobile users.

Interactive Design

Flash technology and interactive design have come a long way from their early years in web design. Many web designers once had a "more is better" attitude with interactive design, but at IDMI.Net we understand that it is possible to have too much of a good thing. We use interactive features in a tasteful, strategic manner to enhance the appeal of your website. We have a variety of tools that we use to give your website a more complete and functional feel, including:

  • Video
  • Headers
  • Slide shows
  • Animations
  • Photo galleries
  • Audio clips

IDMI.Net works to create interactive designs that fit with your company's brand and marketing strategy. We judiciously apply flash and interactive design features to your page to help you bring people to your site and further establish your position on the online market.

Graphic Design

At IDMI.Net, we have more than 10 years of experience in graphic design. Our experts know how important it is to create a good first impression with web users, and with creative and eye-catching graphic design implementation, you can send an appealing visual message right off the bat.

According to the US Department of Commerce, e-sales claim 3% more of the retail market every year, and that number is only expected to go up. To keep up with your online competition, you need to have a well-branded and graphically interesting website. With our graphic design services, our goal is to learn what makes your company unique, and identify creative ways to show it off. In addition to our web graphics, we provide graphics for print materials, or anything else that contains your company logo.