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While the wide range of services we provide at IDMI.Net makes us an outstanding choice for any business interested in enhancing its digital presence, the real secret to our success is the process we use with our clients.  

IDMI.Net Process

Our goal is always to set our clients up for lasting online success, and that can only be accomplished by going into great detail at every phase of a project. Here is a general outline of the process you can expect us to go through:

  1. Initial discussion and planning.
    At this phase, we analyze important aspects of your business that help us determine exactly how to proceed. We ask questions about your business goals, your goals for your digital presence and the target audience you are trying to reach. This website planning discussion helps us determine exactly what features, specifications and navigational methods we will put in your website to develop a sitemap.
  2. Concept phase.
    During this phase we develop the overall look and feel of your website based on the discussions we have had with you about your goals for your brand and the specific characteristics of your ideal customers. We create concepts that are consistent with your existing brand image.
  3. Content phase.
    Once you have approved your content mockup, we then begin building the website in HTML and CSS. This is the real “meat” of our design process, as it involves the actual designing of the majority of your site. We create the pages, set all the code and place all the content exactly where it needs to be.
  4. Quality control.
    Once your content has been set, we carefully review every page to make sure everything is working and fulfills all of your standards and needs. This includes extensive tests of how your site functions on a wide variety of browsers and devices.
  5. Launch.
    This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! At this stage, we are ready to launch your website for public viewing. At this point, the web design process of your site is officially concluded.

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