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COVID-19 Statement

COVID-19 Statement


To say that we are living through an unprecedented global event would be an understatement. Our nation—our world—has ground to a near halt in a moonshot-level effort to stop an invisible enemy, COVID-19. Whether you’re doing your part by working from home (as IDMI.Net employees are) or reporting to an essential workplace, you’ve undoubtedly had to alter your business practices in some fundamental ways.

You need to be sure your clients and employees are aware of those changes—and we’re happy to help. Maybe your business has temporarily ceased operation. Maybe you’ve had to switch to a new model for delivering goods and/or services. Maybe you’ve implemented new operating procedures for your employees. Regardless of the changes you’ve had to make, we can keep your audience informed.

Our staff can update your website with new materials (additional pages, embedded or downloadable documents, etc.), help you notify clients and employees of altered hours or services, and create blog entries that communicate vital information to your audience. We can even help you branch into interactions that you may not have considered previously, like social media or e-commerce.

We have two decades of experience in web design and digital communication. We’re always glad to lend that expertise to our partners, especially in the face of growing uncertainty. We don’t know when life will return to normal, but until that day (and well beyond it) you can lean on us.

Anthony DePinto

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