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The Most Common Web Design Mistakes

The Most Common Web Design Mistakes

When you decide it’s time to freshen up your business’s website design, it’s tempting to do the job yourself to save money. However, even if you have a little bit of design experience, the job is best left up to professionals so you can avoid making some common mistakes that will decrease the quality of your site.

Here are a few examples of some of these common web design mistakes.

  • Relying on a free website building tool: These tools are great for people who do not have much web design experience who want to build a simple, personal website. Ultimately, though, they are not meant for businesses. They often do not provide you with your own domain, and the design options they do have are extremely limited and generally formulaic. You will not be able to build your own tools or do much to customize the few templates they provide you with. Professional quality in your web design only comes from actually paying a web design professional.
  • Failure to invest in high-quality content: A great design is essentially worthless without it being supplemented by excellent content. Website content that is poorly written, confusing, unhelpful or insufficient in any way will detract from its performance and ability convert visitors into customers. Therefore, you should invest in the skills of a high-quality copywriter to ensure your site is populated with great content.
  • Making important information hard to find: Your website should make user friendliness a top priority. All menus should be intuitive, and any important information you want your customers to find should be easy to access. Otherwise you run the risk of frustrating visitors to your website and causing them to navigate away much more quickly than they typically would.
  • Poor use of headers, sidebars and footers: Your header, sidebars and footer offer you additional areas in which you can place content or draw your visitors’ attention to specific information of interest. A failure to use these sections of your website properly is a failure to maximize the effectiveness of your design.
  • Failure to use a responsive design: With more people than ever primarily browsing the internet on mobile devices, a responsive design is no longer a luxury—it is a necessity. The design of your website must easily adapt to fit all screen sizes while maintaining excellent functionality.

For more information about the most common web design mistakes and how a professional designer can help you avoid them, contact our team at IDMI.Net today.

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