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Accessibility and Your Website

Accessibility and Your Website

Advances in web design technology, specifically regarding accessibility, have made it possible for people with vision or hearing difficulties to more easily use the Internet. As more web developers than ever offer specialty website accessibility services, what was once a niche medium is now mainstream.

No longer a challenge: accessibility hits the mainstream

Web designers have managed to introduce accessible elements while still being able to create beautiful designs. What many might consider a challenge to creativity is actually no such thing—accessibility is no longer seen as a burden to developers, but instead simply another function that a client wants included.

The rise of responsive design has helped to shift accessibility in web design into the mainstream. The responsive technology is all about creating different browsing experiences for different audiences, and accessibility falls right in line with that.  

Think of it this way—accessibility is an inherent part of responsive design. In many cases, the elements of making a website accessible are already included as pre-built functions in responsive designs, which means it is not as taxing to include in a website for the developer.

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