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LiveChat Experts at IDMI.Net

LiveChat Experts at IDMI.Net

Finding new ways to improve customer satisfaction is crucial for any business, and one of the best ways to accomplish that is through improved customer service and communication. Live chat is a popular and effective method to give users another channel of communication with your company.

Live Chat is convenient and humanizes your company

In a world where text messaging and 140-character Tweets are a preferred form of communication, people are opting for text-based communication over phone calls in large numbers. Live chat is, simply, a whole lot easier and more convenient for customers who don’t want to have to go through the hoops of a 1-800 number and want to be able to multi-task while they’re waiting to have their questions answered.

Having someone there at all times who can respond to a customer’s concerns and interact with the customer while they’re browsing your site can help give your company a bit of personality and a more human image.

Partnering with LiveChat

IDMI.Net has partnered with LiveChat to implement chat technology onto our client websites. Here at IDMI.Net, we only use professional applications, tools, and solutions to deliver our services and support our clients. That’s why we’ve proudly become part of a team of experts with LiveChat.

Contact us today at IDMI.Net for more information or to get started. 

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