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Why It's Important to Update Your Site

Why It's Important to Update Your Site

The Importance of Website Maintenance

Many people who own and operate websites quickly begin to lose the motivation they need to update their site regularly. The reasons vary, but they tend to be a combination of lack of interest, lack of time, or a feeling that the process is just tedious and not worth it.

However, constantly updating and maintaining your website is extremely important. In fact, there are some web development experts who claim that it's better to have no website at all than a website that never gets updated.

There are a variety of reasons why updating is so important. For one, search engines like Google reward web content that consistently gets updated by giving it higher priority in search rankings. For another, consistently updated websites encourage users to come back and check out the site on a regular basis in anticipation of further updates.

So what are some types of updates that you can make to your site that will help your web marketing?

Consider the following:

  • Blog posts.  The biggest reason that having a blog is so important is because it constantly gives Google fresh web content to crawl and submit to its search engines. Blog posts are a great opportunity to expand your SEO and to create engagement with your customers.
  • Deals and specials.  A great way to keep customers coming back to your site is to make it known that you regularly update all of the promotions and specials that you have running through your website. Update these regularly.
  • Media.  If your company puts out press releases or is the subject of articles in magazines, newspapers or online, post these to your website.
  • Photo and video.  Put up new photos and videos regularly to help with your branding and to give people a reason to check back.
  • Seasonal updates.  For example, you could give your website a new theme around the holiday season that might include snow, Christmas trees, ornaments or wrapping paper.

There are plenty of other regular updates that you can make to your site that will encourage people to come back often. These updates can also give you better search engine rankings and increase your conversions. Don't lose your motivation; keep updating your website and continue to make a push in your online marketing campaign.

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