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Why WordPress Isn’t Right For Your Business Website

Why WordPress Isn’t Right For Your Business Website

The WordPress platform may seem like a cheap and easy way to get your business website up and running. Certainly, WordPress is the engine for many websites on the Internet today due in large part to its low startup cost, but WordPress can be wrought with problems that one may not see until it is too late.

Security Issues

Security is one of the major issues that comes along with WordPress web design. WordPress sites are very prevalent on the Internet today making them an easy target for hackers. Since your website represents your company on the Internet, this puts your business at risk. Hackers search the Internet and determine which websites have been designed by WordPress with little effort. This makes it easy for them to automate attacks and compromise your site. Custom websites, or those built on commercial platforms, are not as vulnerable to these hacker attacks as the code is unique, requiring someone to specifically target it and how it was designed.

Plug-ins and Update Problems

Another feature of WordPress that can really create some difficulties for your business website is the use of plug-ins. Plug-ins are designed to be an extension of WordPress, allowing you more capabilities and control with your website. Plug-ins are good in theory, but not so great in practice. The problem comes from the fact that most plug-ins are not engineered to work together, creating issues throughout your site. They are fraught with their own set of security risks and often stop working after WordPress has an update. A custom website eliminates these issues as your site is designed from the beginning with the capabilities you need.

As mentioned above, WordPress releases regular updates to enhance functionality and fix bugs. These monthly updates can be time-consuming to install and keep up with to make sure your site is safe. The updates can be automated, but what if something goes wrong on the weekend? Can you afford to have your website offline for an extended period of time? Sometimes they can be technical in nature, so they might require some web coding experience to complete. Is the time and effort, not to mention the risk, worth it?

WordPress may be a good tool for hobby websites, but for a business website you need a professional approach with a custom designed site. Avoid the pitfalls of WordPress by working with a web designer that can design a website that will be protected and have the capabilities you require.

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