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Mistakes to Avoid in UI Design

 Mistakes to Avoid in UI Design

User Interface (UI) design is the design of everything the user can see on a website or app. Not only does this have to do with how visually appealing the design is, but also how functional and usable it is. A poor UI design can scare users away, which, obviously, is bad for business.

Here are a few of the biggest mistakes regularly made in UI design for business websites:

  • Inconsistency. Using too many different fonts, animations, colors and other features can give a website a very hectic, stressful appearance. Consistency in a design adds a great deal of professionalism.
  • Poor color choices. Certain colors just don’t go together well in web design. You wouldn’t, for example, put red text on a purple or blue background. There are plenty of tools online that help you develop a simple color palette for your site, and it’s generally not a good idea to deviate from that palette. The simpler, the better.
  • Not planning for mobile. A higher percentage of people today are browsing the internet primarily via mobile than ever before. Therefore, it’s important your website design is responsive for use on a variety of devices. Not only does this help with the functionality of your site, but it also prevents you from being punished in search engine rankings.
  • Bad performance. Slow load times, numerous glitches, too many clicks… these are all elements of a website that performs poorly. These are all extremely frustrating for users, and are likely to turn them off from ever wanting to return. You are actually hurting your business by having these issues on your website.
  • Poor navigation. Navigation should always be intuitive. You should be able to go back and forth between pages easily, and should not have any problems finding the particular page you’re looking for. It should all flow well.
  • Too much writing. You need to be as efficient as possible with your web copy, especially on your home page. Having too much writing on your initial landing page is intimidating to people who are visiting for the first time and are trying to get more information about your business.

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