Design, Applications & Marketing | Blog | IDMI.Net We recently launched a new site for Kankakee Terminal Belt Credit Union, whose services are available to anyone living or working in Kankakee County and their family members.2018-12-12T10:24:00-05:009a321045-18d3-497f-9aab-6d23f277e324 MarketingWith approximately 1.57 billion monthly users, it’s no wonder that many businesses are beginning to use YouTube to post video content as part of a broader marketing strategy.2018-11-26T11:10:00-05:00bd90f0cd-daec-4b50-a7d5-89c854b7438d Urology Website Launched!We recently launched a new site for N.E.O. Urology Associates, Inc.2018-11-14T12:17:00-05:002b416d4c-04f5-479b-b1ee-b5027b723b84 Your Website Benefit From an SEO Audit?An SEO audit is so beneficial for small business websites—they give you an idea of what you’re currently doing well with your SEO, and where you stand to improve. 2018-10-22T12:13:00-04:00d88a01b1-28ba-46b6-b80d-5272a110fd20 ADA Compliant Website Should Allow Users to Adjust Font Sizes and ColorsVision-impaired users of your site might have a hard time reading smaller font sizes, or fonts that do not properly contrast with the background of your website.2018-10-01T09:49:00-04:0024a45edf-dd87-4a01-ab08-926bd85f4d95 Community Credit Union Website Launched!We recently launched a new site for Streator Community Credit Union.2018-09-19T12:16:00-04:0085519567-acc4-4114-b02b-cb334805b9fe Compliance Issues for Images on Your WebpageWebsites must also strive for ADA compliance. Specifically, web designers must use proper techniques to ensure all users have access to content contained in images. 2018-08-27T11:05:00-04:003e5f272a-b1b7-4db2-9d36-ebe7f15f0720 To Help You Drive More Traffic To Your BlogAttracting visitors and building regular traffic to your blog takes a lot of hard work and requires you to be proactive with your digital marketing efforts. 2018-08-06T14:24:00-04:00b52595fe-e22e-43ef-bffb-a3c757fdfa85 Federal Credit Union Website Launched!We recently launched a new site for Cadets Federal Credit Union.2018-07-16T14:00:00-04:007f8d56a8-bf94-4c91-8d41-4951c2971dcd Top Web Design Trends for 2018Web design, like fashion and clothing design, tends to have trends that cycle in and out relatively quickly. That big web redesign you did five years ago might suddenly appear quite outdated, so it could be time for a refresher. 2018-07-02T13:36:00-04:0021eca170-e708-4d6b-8ecf-e0ff16033112 For Making Your Website ResponsiveThe explosion of smartphone popularity over the last five years has made it more important than ever for web designers to create responsive website designs.2018-06-04T15:02:00-04:006d6282b2-c645-4674-912e-2a4d0cccc750 Janitor & Paper Supply Website Launched!We recently launched a new site for Florida Janitor & Paper Supply.2018-05-16T11:30:00-04:007d7b8dfd-2acf-4bdc-94e6-a4f034c28c16 Regional Council of Governments Launched!We recently launched a new site for Eastgate Regional Council of Goverments.2018-04-17T16:15:00-04:00d4a475aa-bba9-4cae-ae3b-7aa13ce02445 Most Common Web Design MistakesAvoid making some of these common web design mistakes that will decrease the quality of your site.2018-04-02T13:56:00-04:0068de55c3-30ea-4317-bb48-22280d43d7b2 Mission MV Website Launched!We recently launched a new site for The Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley. 2018-03-28T09:20:00-04:00f2de6465-f564-42d8-9781-53fac17e8839 Coming to Website SecurityIn the coming months, there will be many changes regarding website hosting and security. If you and your web host are not prepared, your company runs the risk of several issues including (but not limited to) failing PCI scans resulting in bank fees and your site being marked as insecure to all its visitors. Is your website prepared?2018-03-14T14:58:00-04:00b0e878cc-38a6-405f-8f01-ef04c019a854 Hiding Your Personal Information with Domain PrivacyDomain privacy essentially enables you to mask the information you used when registering for your domain.2018-03-05T12:37:00-05:00aa22104e-964f-4270-85a2-10af1895a16d Saints FCU Website Launched!All Saints FCU is a credit union where members are equal owners and every decision is made with their best interests in mind.2018-02-28T12:39:00-05:00cdefe152-8bb4-4adc-9a0c-43dd3bdd7add and Your WebsiteAs more web developers than ever offer specialty website accessibility services, what was once a niche medium is now mainstream.2018-02-05T12:24:00-05:00b97bca97-8f89-4a28-852d-de45db39d97f Chemical & Supply Co. Website Launched!We recently launched a new site for T&G Chemical & Supply Company!2018-01-16T14:01:00-05:00c40e970c-2ece-4227-bb03-ccd76f27828f Importance of High-Quality Content WritingContent marketing is crucial to any digital marketing campaign. Find out what makes content writing so important for today’s businesses.2018-01-02T15:28:00-05:00fccfd7e7-62c8-4a77-a611-3d784b72171c Coalition of Columbiana County Website Launched!We recently launched a new site for the ADAPT Coalition of Columbiana County.2017-12-19T12:29:00-05:008a438edc-1e6e-4f58-916b-86fa8582b90d Best Practices in Your CMS SystemAs you prepare a new blog post or web page in your CMS (Sitefinity, C1 CMS, WordPress, etc.), here are a few best practices to keep in mind.2017-12-05T12:01:00-05:00e2149d6d-c68b-4794-ad7b-0e152e73efe4 Chamber Website Launched!We recently launched a new site for Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber.2017-10-18T14:39:00-04:006e23335e-1392-4656-b0f7-a74455685af9 Navigation Best PracticesHere are a few navigation best practices to help you improve your users’ experience on your website.2017-10-02T12:04:00-04:007c065b5c-2ddf-452b-8435-839569247ebd Masonry Website Launched!We recently launched a new site for Lencyk Masonry Company, Inc. 2017-09-20T11:04:00-04:00c7d8693c-d0fe-4e58-80d3-ca853d095918 User-Friendly Content That Also Helps Your SEOHere are a few steps you can take to create content that meets user-centric guidelines.2017-09-05T11:15:00-04:004e5fc928-7811-4a24-9c21-0ebeec0bedc5 Neighbor Pharmacy Website Launched!We recently launched a newly designed site for Good Neighbor Pharmacy®, who ensures independent pharmacies have the resources needed to be a preferred healthcare destination in local communities.2017-08-16T10:30:00-04:0062c89a0c-fc52-4196-add9-1066a33139e7 Your Site for Local SearchesYou can create what appears to be the best website for your business, but if your customers can’t find you what good is the website? 2017-07-31T16:10:00-04:0053e49a95-bbb5-4dd3-9010-59327c373fb6's dé Spa and Salon Website Launched!We recently launched a newly designed site for Casal's dé Spa and Salon. Casal's dé Spa & Salon has the best stylists & massage specialists bringing the latest trends & innovative & exotic spa services to the Mahoning Valley.2017-07-19T10:41:00-04:00ad85b6a1-403e-4e73-a300-75c3abd5a8dd These Four Common Website MistakesWhen designing your website, sometimes you can overthink some of the most basic design elements. These common website mistakes should be avoided to ensure your website is both functional and user-friendly.2017-07-03T15:52:00-04:00f0adabb6-c8a6-4eef-9de8-60e9d7878daf's Candies Website Launched!We recently launched a new site for Daffin’s Candies, who has created high quality, locally made chocolates and other confections since 1949.2017-06-21T10:08:00-04:000ef366d9-64e8-4e1c-829f-5ae37c52bd67 is a Content Management System (CMS)?Content Management Systems (CMS) are valuable tools for small businesses of all types, used to both create and manage a wide variety of forms of digital content.2017-06-06T10:24:00-04:00b0ab4b6e-f2c5-415e-8064-df2483e0692a Website Launched!We recently launched a new site for Bundle3, who provides solutions to streamlining online payroll, accurate tax filing and employee benefits, freeing you to run your business.2017-05-17T11:35:00-04:00f4ce127e-e279-4784-a812-33d4a7dbf23b Experts at IDMI.NetIDMI.Net has partnered with LiveChat to implement chat technology onto our client websites. 2017-05-02T16:43:00-04:0026690a36-bdf0-4ac5-809b-d550a9f094de Top Web Design Trends for 2017The field of web design is constantly evolving, as new trends come to the forefront and old ones fade away forever. Here are a few trends that rule the world of graphic design as we push forward through 2017.2017-05-01T14:52:00-04:0087fc0f7c-8489-4a3b-9cab-2ba6cb079abb Recovery Center Website Launched!We recently launched a new site for Family Recovery Center, who is a non-profit corporation that provides programs to those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction or mental health issues. 2017-04-19T12:28:00-04:008fde8bdf-12ac-41af-af83-e32dc01311dd an Outstanding Company Blog With the Help of IDMI.NetA company blog is one of the best tools you can have in your content marketing arsenal. 2017-04-04T16:38:00-04:003b9d5c40-284c-4241-b1c5-34dbe1d21506 Plastics Inc. Website Launched!We recently launched a new site for Carney Plastics Inc. who offers a wide variety of plastic products & services. 2017-03-15T10:11:00-04:00cea26b73-20dc-4232-a00e-9c17aa3aa23b Exactly Is Mobile-First Search?A higher percentage of searches than ever before are being performed on mobile devices. Here are some ways webmasters can make alterations of their own to account for a more mobile-centric Google index.2017-02-28T10:40:00-05:003b71b872-6923-46e8-bbee-ecabe925539f Mills Website Launched!We recently launched a newly designed website for Lehmann Mills, who designs and manufactures three, four and five roll mills, as well as laboratory mills, mill platforms and more.2017-02-16T12:08:00-05:0030aa0ac5-8a34-4fac-83c3-e4538b2b45da from IDMI.Net Can Transform Your Content MarketingEmail newsletters are one of the best ways to package direct-to-consumer content due to their simplicity and their ability to create conversions.2017-01-31T16:03:00-05:00152c848e-5a30-4198-be7c-d1f92139ecf5 Supply Company Website Launched!We recently launched a newly designed website for LD Supply Company. LD Supply Company is a laundry, janitorial and dry-cleaning wholesale distribution company with a comprehensive line of national, name-brand products. 2017-01-18T13:21:00-05:0099b2852e-740f-48af-a4bf-387c9b024d5f Live Chat is an Important Website Feature to HaveFinding new ways to improve customer satisfaction is absolutely crucial for any business, and one of the best ways to accomplish that is through improved customer service and communication.2017-01-04T09:10:00-05:00691b6b40-ec4b-47ac-8f36-85399fe2306b It's Important to Update Your SiteUpdating & maintaining your website is extremely important. In fact, there are some web development experts who claim that it's better to have no website at all than a website that never gets updated.2016-12-06T12:34:00-05:0073f02570-9848-4a1b-a1a2-3447b207dfd0 Marketing Website Launched!We recently launched a newly designed website for DayStar Marketing.2016-11-16T11:38:00-05:0041ee898b-6c26-4dfa-9d32-049a61c69c48 Pros and Cons of Starting Business BlogsThe blog is a great opportunity to promote your business’ products and services, but you might need to dedicate a lot of resources to the project to make it work.2016-11-01T10:32:00-04:00469df14c-9062-4c6a-a795-06408a2e93dd Recycling Systems, LLC Website Launched!We recently launched a newly designed website for ARS Recycling Systems, LLC.2016-10-19T12:27:00-04:001093fc99-b1b5-4b79-b074-6b332e4f148f WordPress Isn’t Right For Your Business WebsiteWordPress is the engine for many websites on the Internet today due in large part to its low startup cost, but WordPress can be wrought with problems that one may not see until it is too late. 2016-10-05T10:26:00-04:00062f7d3c-31e9-425a-93c8-434d7fe92c4f Drug Website Launched!We recently launched a newly designed website for AmerisourceBergen Drug Corporation. 2016-09-21T11:37:00-04:00a4d9a500-d25c-4350-bd8f-31773d85b434 Your Site Need a Redesign?This investment is more than worth it — you need to stay technologically up to date to be able to compete with your digital marketing.2016-09-07T10:54:00-04:00b83cdb7a-1352-47f5-95a6-537b9f248728 Website Launched!We recently launched a newly designed website for Stanwade, a leading manufacturer of petroleum storage tanks and equipment.2016-08-17T09:07:00-04:0036d688a6-bd52-441e-8707-71b3ba39b569 Web Design vs. Services Like Wix and SquarespaceHere are some of the biggest benefits of using a professional web designer instead of using an online website building platform such as Wix, Squarespace or Weebly:2016-08-02T11:10:00-04:00d876a2e7-1afa-4ef0-bb16-1edfbcf18ce7 Providence Group Website Launched!We recently launched a new website for The Providence Group, who is dedicated to helping dealerships create a positive environment for customers. 2016-07-20T09:35:00-04:009fb83e82-8bec-4975-b4cf-0197b65fe4b2 Importance of Responsive Web DesignResponsive web design is one of the most important features in website development in today's world. Consider these benefits.2016-07-05T15:02:00-04:00119f6a5a-7a3a-4ca5-b420-aa01a6026a7b Lawns Fertilizing & Weed Control Website Launched!We recently launched a new website for Sharp Lawns Fertilizing & Weed Control, LLC, whose goal is to give customers a thick, green lawn while also maintaining a safe and healthy environment.2016-06-15T15:21:00-04:001375c610-df50-4747-940b-d2132af0174e Much Does a Website Cost?Websites are an important part of any company's marketing strategy, but it's hard to know how much having one built could cost you.2016-05-31T16:53:00-04:0038e03ba4-bcb7-46c8-b107-dfa848ad1c96 Paper Company Website Launched!We recently launched a newly designed website for Sikes Paper Company, who is a wholesale distributor of sanitary paper, janitorial, chemical and packaging supplies.2016-05-20T12:49:00-04:008ab893c9-75ec-4333-b432-0fdbbbd8fa5e You Should Opt for Professional Web Designers Over FreelancersCompanies that are looking to improve their web presence often face a big choice before taking any action: will they go with a professional web design company, or hire a freelancer?2016-05-03T15:19:00-04:008ea37169-2156-4791-ac28-56fa9ad1bc09 Ophthalmology Associates Website Launched!We recently launched a newly designed website for Warren Ophthalmology Associates, who are dedicated to providing the highest quality eye care services.2016-04-20T10:29:00-04:005414c22e-bc44-431d-9558-ad3983bfc4f8 Importance of SEO and Organic Search ListingsImproving your search engine ranking is one of the most important strategies to increase your inbound leads. Here are a few of the biggest reasons why.2016-04-04T16:38:00-04:004782f33a-c20a-4b43-a9a1-38e399f14837 Technologies Website Launched!We recently launched a new website for J&M Technologies. J&M Technologies is dedicated to providing innovative & electronic sales tools for the paper, janitorial & maintenance supply industry. 2016-03-16T12:52:00-04:00effa7ba7-20fb-456c-93b5-b4d1ecfdca4d Mistakes to Avoid in UI DesignWith UI Design, it is important to consider not only the visual appeal of your website, but also functionality and usability as well. 2016-02-29T10:49:00-05:00c35689ac-da96-413e-8944-2a9a5e7cc336 Home Health Website Launched!We recently launched a new website for Windsor Home Health. Windsor is a home health provider who believes in the importance of helping people to live independent and dignified lives.2016-02-16T09:57:00-05:008132d095-a075-4a65-bc5f-f695c5d8171d Major Search Engine Optimization Myths BustedSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important part of any digital marketing campaign, but there are many myths and misconceptions that turn people off from the practice. 2016-02-02T09:45:00-05:00fc7f93e9-8160-405e-9afa-f845891f1e72 Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Website Launched!We recently launched a new website for Astoria. Astoria is a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility dedicated to providing individualized, compassionate and innovative healthcare services.2016-01-19T15:30:00-05:009a9cee35-5854-4c61-9ba2-6c1da0e9609b Pros and Cons of Using the “Hamburger Menu” in Responsive DesignThere is a lot of debate about whether using the “hamburger menu” in responsive design is beneficial or inhibitive for the functionality of a site.2016-01-03T13:14:00-05:00f4d3ead6-7213-46fc-a98a-4cb27443b1e2 Bloomington Municipal Credit Union Website Launched!We recently launched a newly designed CMS website for Bloomington Municipal Credit Union. Bloomington takes pride in being a "people helping people" credit union offering a variety of services to its members. 2015-12-13T11:01:00-05:00e34c907a-0060-466b-b6c7-e8fbecbbf3e9 Websites are a Must for Small BusinessesIn today’s ever-connected digital world, it’s a big mistake to not have any sort of website or online presence.2015-11-30T16:26:00-05:00e53d6363-0585-4c1c-9296-931055b4816e Smoke & Mirrors: How to Tell if Your Designer is Competent or All Hot AirHaving a professional web design is one of the best ways to increase your online conversion rates & gain attention for your business.2015-11-17T11:21:00-05:006b47132a-09e1-4542-bf78-c024933aaced Your Brand Through Social MediaIt's important to take advantage of all tools available to get your brand exposure, a big part of that is using social media.2015-08-31T12:30:00-04:008b0f1475-d99a-4247-bec5-8abdd64f67c2 Banks Website Launched!We recently launched a newly designed website for The Cortland Savings & Banking Company. Cortland Banks offers personal, business, and online banking, as well as mortgage products.2015-08-16T15:33:00-04:00